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An Open Source RPN Calculator


Open Calc is an open source RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) calculator written in C. It is designed to replace the ageing Unix calculator dc (and its variants), which are included in most *nix distributions. Open Calc is written using only the C standard librarys and so it can be compiled on almost any operating system which has a C99 compatible C compiler, which GCC being the main target compiler.

As well as being usable from the command line Open Calc also supports being compiled as a static library and provides functions (and header files) to allow developers to embed Open Calc into their applications. This can be used to allow dynamic expression evaluating in C and gives developers access to a wide variety of easy to use mathematical functions and constants.

Open Calc is also programmable, sporting an intuitive and lightweight syntax. This makes defining custom functions an almost trivial task. It also makes plugin development a breeze, creating a plugin is just a case of defining your functions and saving them in a text file.

Some of the main features of Open Calc are that it is: