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29/04/06: Progress Report

First of all I would like to apologise for the lack of updates, this is because I have been very busy as of late and have been unable to work on OpenCalc as much as I would like to have.

However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel, and the good news is that a new version of OpenCalc is due to be released sometime in the next couple of weeks. Version 0.1.5 Alpha is a complete re-write of OpenCalc from the ground up. Some of the new features in this release include:

Also, I am about to perform some performance benchmarks between OpenCalc (newest build) and a pure-C application, which should be done by tomorrow, so watch out for that.

22/12/05: Website Development

Over the next few days I plan to update the website to make it easier to use and more complete. Currently the downloads page does not work (404) and so development on Open Calc will stop so that I have some time to fix up the website. I also plan to add a development blog section so that users are more aware of what is currently going on as far as development goes.

11/12/05: Progress Update

It has been a week since version 0.1.2 was released and since there have been no bug reports I have started development on 0.1.3 Alpha. Most of the changes in this version will be 'under the hood' as such and will not be noticeable to the user. There will, however be several new functions of a more exotic nature (e.g. cot, sec, csc and variants. The biggest change will be in the way that Open Calc is built, with the front-end being completly separated from the Open Calc library itself, allowing developers to use the Open Calc in their own applications. Expect the new version to be released sometime around the new year.

4/12/05: Open Calc 0.1.2 Alpha Released

Version 0.1.2 Alpha has just been released. While I did say that I did not intened to add any new features in this release I ended up adding a few more to make it a more complete application. The biggest new feature is the ability to have multiple expressions on a single line, meaning that 5 5 + 2 ^ p is now a fully valid statement bringing Open Calc on a par with dc in terms of syntax. New functions include log, ln and logn. Several bugs have also been fixed in this version. Please check out either the change log for more information on what is new in this version or the downloads page for information on how to get Open Calc 0.1.2 Alpha

27/11/05: Progress On 0.1.2 Alpha

Developlment on Open Calc 0.1.2 Alpha is going quite well and expect a version of it to be released in the next few days. While there are no new features as such the code itself has been totally restructured, making it easy to add new functions and constants to future versions of Open Calc. The error handling system is still in development and expect it to be fully working in 0.1.5 Alpha.

20/11/05: Open Calc 0.1 Alpha Released

Open Calc version 0.1 Alpha has just been released as an early preview for developers. Since it is intended for developers this release comes as a source code only distribution, and users requiring binary packages will have to wait until version 0.2. Please go to the downloads page for more information on how to get Open Calc 0.1 Alpha.

14/11/05: New Website Up

The new website is now up and running, and expect it to be updated over the next few days.